• Title: Power Reading : The Best, Fastest, Easiest, Most Effective Course on Speedreading and Comprehension Ever Developed!
  • Author: Rick Ostrov
  • Released: 2001-01-01
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 240
  • ISBN: 0960170618
  • ISBN13: 978-0960170616
  • ASIN: 0960170618
Review "I am extremely pleased with the results. I enthusiastically recommend 'POWER READING' to any teacher or student." -- Dr. Joachim Vogeler, Professor, Louisiana State University, November 6, 2000

"I really enjoyed POWER READING. It improved my comprehension and speed immensely and helped with my classes and grades." -- D. Kawasawa, Student

"This course definitely works. I have significantly increased my reading speed and comprehension. In addition, my concentration has improved." -- A. Satello, M.D.

"This increase in my comprehension is as important to me as the increase in my reading speed. Definitely recommend it." -- J. Morabe, Executive

"This is simply the best book I've ever read on speed-reading! It's really, really good." -- Klaus Dahl, Internet Product Developer, September 3, 2001

From the Publisher In the past twenty years alone, more discoveries have been made and more information has been published than in all of mankind's history up to this point. How can the average person keep up with this explosion of information? What is to happen to students, parents and everyone else who need to stay ahead of this changing world?

These are the people for whom this book is written.

Power Reading is actually a course in book format. It is a distillation of years of teaching and research. It contains the techniques evolved through teaching thousands of people how to become more powerful, more effective readers.

Power Reading is different from all of the reading programs that came before it. Over the years since it came out, other programs have tried to borrow some of the techniques and terms and even the title of this course, but you will find nothing else really compares with Power Reading.

During this course we'll cover many basic areas in a simple, straightforward survey approach. You will learn not only how, but why you do each step in changing your reading styles. Later you will be asked to use the bibliography and read other books and articles about this subject. Power Reading encourages you to come to your own conclusions and opinions in this as well as every other field.

By the end of this 30-day program you will find it easier to sit down to read and research an area. You will learn how to cover a large amount of material and cull it until you have isolated the essentials and pinpointed the crux of the issues.

You'll be able to read easily in many types of material and will be comfortable with varying your speed to obtain the comprehension and enjoyment you desire. No longer will you be limited to just a single reading rate as most readers are; the basic rate at which you read everything will increase and your comprehension should improve.

Thousands of people have already successfully completed the Power Reading course and acquired its advanced speedreading, studying and note taking, test taking, technical reading and comprehension skills.

We look forward to you and your family joining this unique group and becoming the most powerful readers in the world. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

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