• Title: Victimized - Buchanan's Secret
  • Released: 2012-02-12
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 288
  • ASIN: B0078ICJCO
A Superbly Blended Urban Suspense Thriller
"My jaw dropped when I got to the end. I was completely fooled!" ~ NY Post Reader

"The action and suspense was mind numbing. I couldn't put this one down." ~ WhoDunnit BookClub

  • Action

  • Suspense

  • Emotionally Charged

  • Well Written

  • Great Reviews

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  • Being raised in a two-family household is almost unheard of in African American neighborhoods but for Jason it was normal, at least until he witnessed the brutal murder of his father one ill-fated night that changed the course of his life forever. The death of his father exposed him to a plethora of emotions and threatened to uncover a dark secret that had been hidden from his mother.
    Before his death, Jason's father knew his son was a very timid boy and had went to great lengths to protect his secret. Jason knew early on he was different too because he always seemed to be singled out and bullied in school. His mother Paula never noticed because her obsession was focused on his academics to ensure his success in life. She sheltered him from anything she felt would hinder him from becoming successful, including her husband's family who she thought were coarse and ill-mannered.
    After his father's death, Jason reunited with his Uncle Rick. Rick made a promise to his brother that he would protect his son, so he took Jason under his wing. Rick tried to give him a crash course in the school of hard knocks because he came from the same beginnings and now owned an illegal gambling den and distributed large quantity of drugs. Jason didn't show interest in any of the things Rick exposed him to except the trip to the strip club where he met a beautiful stripper named Magic.
    Magic is a stripper who is in a physically abusive relationship, searching for a way out for her and her son. When she meets Jason and realizes he's a virgin, she instantly wants to use him as her way up and out of the hood. Jason falls for her hard, despite Rick's street guidance and is sucked into her clutches. When he is almost killed by her estranged boyfriend and ends up in the hospital, Paula meets Magic and is dead set against their union and voices her resentment in hopes Jason takes heed to her words before he leaves for college. Jason pledges his love for her instead and promises he'll continue seeing her no matter what.
    Adjusting to college life is difficult for Jason but when he is violently assaulted in his dorm room he finally realizes he cannot hide from being victimized and goes to his uncle Rick for help. Rick is only too happy to help him and glad his nephew is finally hitting back.
    While Jason is away a college Paula experiences loneliness and finds solace with Louis, a younger man who seems romantically interested in her. He breaks down her rigid exterior and she soon becomes more relax and enjoys life more with him. Their relationship grows and she finds herself in love but is apprehensive in telling Jason about it since he hadn't seen her with a man since the death of his father.
    Jason accepts Paula's and Louis' relationship and when he gets a unexpected financial windfall he immediately plans on taking Magic out of the hood to share in his wealth. He insists on telling his mother what he's planning even though Magic thinks it's a bad idea. He decides to tell Paula on his birthday but a secret is revealed that ruins the night for everyone. When Jason goes home he is bombarded by another devastating secret that threatens to kill his relationship with Magic and he is forced to deal with it.
    In the end, the Buchanan's secret is revealed and the whole family, Paula, Rick and Jason must come together to make sure the secret never gets out.

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