• Title: Sugar Free Diet Secrets - Why Sugar Is Killing You and How To Quit It For Good
  • Released: 0000-00-00
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 35
Have you ever wondered what white sugar actually is and what it does to you? Do you want to lose weight and win back your health?

Refined white sugar is defined by some as a chemical poison. A substance we shouldn’t even be putting in our bodies. The evidence is stacked up against sugar and it does not look pretty.

Sugar is the number one contributor to weight gain so it makes sense to eliminate sugar to lose weight. Cutting out sugar will allow your body to regenerate health. It has never been simpler!

This book discusses:

- Sugar is Killing You Slowly
- Refined Sugar – The Basics and Beyond
- Is Sugar our Enemy or Friend?
- Corn Sugar Versus Cane Sugar
- Sugar – How Much Could You Have?
- Sugar Label Decoding
- Top Ten Foods You Never Expected Were Full Of Sugar
- Good Health – Get Off Sugar
- Four Week Detox Plan
- A Bittersweet Truth

Learn everything you need to know about one of our staple foods. Make better food choices and improve your health!

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