• Title: On the Inside Looking Out
  • Released: 2012-12-20
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 316
  • ASIN: B00AR84CL8
per·spec·tive (noun): One's point of view determined by beliefs,
environments and experience.
Everyone has one... but is it right? Should everyone trust their own
perception? After all it is how YOU see things...
By 2012, 29-year-old Kennedi Westbrook has beaten all odds.
Statistically, she was destined to be a failure. However, she proved
statistics wrong by becoming a sought-after psychiatrist and owner of
Healthy Minds, a counseling and psychiatric practice in downtown
Atlanta. To many, she is perceived as the personification of a perfect
woman, ONLY because no one knows of her greatest affliction…her
mental illness.
Mitchell, Kennedi’s husband, is wealthy, business savvy, well-groomed,
and confident. However, he also has major issues of his own. Although
he could never pay for a better family and lifestyle, perception has
clouded his judgment and forced him to see if he still has it. Far removed
from the dating game, Mitchell makes an amateur decision to flirt with
danger, risking his most valued possession…. his family.
Young, beautiful, and sexy Sydney was unemployed, insecure, and nearly
homeless before she met the father of her unborn twins.. Now the only
struggles that she has, is learning to adjust to her new surroundings and
figuring out how to rekindle the extinguished flame between them.
Unwilling to accept the reality of the adverse relationship that they share,
Sydney’s desire to have a “real” family leads her on a treacherous hunt.
Before she is forced to adjust to a new role as a single mother, her
mission has become to remove all barriers standing between her and her
babies’ father…including everything and everyone.
The three each have close friends who all have different perspectives,
secrets and influences of their own, which make all situations more
difficult. On the Inside Looking Out is a whirlwind of blackouts,
nightmares, abuse, jealousy, broken spirits, secrets, and lies that won’t
stop until perceptions and perspectives are tested.

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