• Title: FOOLPROOF (Iris Thorne Mysteries)
  • Author: Dianne G. Pugh
  • Released: 1998-04-01
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 352
  • ISBN: 0671014242
  • ISBN13: 978-0671014247
  • ASIN: 0671014242
From Publishers Weekly The glamour, glitz and chintz of L.A. buzz throughout the fourth Iris Thorne mystery (after Fast Friends, 1997), a frothy confection of sex, murder and deceit which requires the suspension of critical taste as well as disbelief. Iris, a rising star at the brokerage firm McKinney Alitzer, is already dealing with a back-stabbing regional manager when she is thrown into an even worse situation. Her friends Bridget and Kip Cross have used his programming skills and her business savvy to turn Pandora Software into a wildly successful computer gaming company. But their marriage is crumbling and, not long after Bridget decides to take the company public, she's murdered. Naturally, Kip is the main suspect. Iris is named in Bridget's will as trust administrator to run Pandora, which lands her smack in the middle of a nasty, multiparty fight. The rambling plot involves multiple murders; a Texas business raider's attempts to control Pandora Software; adultery; interoffice intrigue at McKinney Alitzer and Pandora; and a little girl who saw her mother's murder but repressed her memory of it. Pugh doesn't seem to try to craft all these elements together with any elegance. In addition to nervous verbal energy (much of it expended on describing what characters wear), she relies on plot contrivances (some, like cars that don't start, used more than once) and the titillating atmosphere of narcissistic L.A. to hold a reader's interest.
Copyright 1998 Reed Business Information, Inc.

From Kirkus Reviews Bridget Cross has come to one of those rough spots. Her husband Kip, Mr. Creative Genius of Pandora Software, is resisting her efforts to take Pandora public even though he gave her control of the company; now she's found out that he's been sleeping with her onetime secretary, Toni Burton; and as she ponders divorce proceedings, she's worried that somebody's been following her. No wonder her friend Alexa Platt tells her that Kip might kill her. But then, in the first of many surprises, it's Alexa who gets killed, attacked shortly after her warning to Bridget. It's only afterwards that Bridget gets shot down in front of her daughter Brianna, five, who identifies the killer as Slade Slayer, the cartoon hero of Pandora's breakthrough game. Bridget's troubles, at least, are over; but when investment counselor Iris Thorne learns that Bridget's left her shares of Pandora in trust to Brianna, and named Iris as the trustee deputized with tossing rapacious corporate raider T. Duke Sawyer out of Pandora's tent as she shepherds Pandora's initial public offering to market, Iris realizes that her own troubles are just beginning. Pugh's fourth (Fast Friends, 1997, etc.) juggles computer gamesmanship, securities fraud, and murder most foul, seasoning the mix with her trademark office plotting, to come up with another winner that makes all manner of skullduggery look as natural as vanity and greed. -- Copyright ©1998, Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved.

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