• Title: Alien's Arcade
  • Released: 0000-00-00
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 172
  • ASIN: B00D4JJ6PE
A Sci-Fi ”Cyber-Fiction” in the vein of Philip K. Dick and William Gibson, Retro-9 features Retro-Gene shark Earado Wells who sells RETRO-GENES – genetic material that allows one to access memories of direct ancestors. People need this escape since Earth has been occupied by Alien Cartels. “Galactic Tourism” has put all humans into the status of entertainers, or if talentless, - Galactic Wallpaper. What are left of humanities civilizations are now huddled in Retro-Time Districts clumped together in replications of past eras.

Earado’s business is thrown off when the infatuation of his life, Lolli G, goes missing. She in fact has been Fantasy Tapping – acting as a guide and “enhancer” for RETRO-GENE travel. Worst, she has been doing this for the unscrupulous Media Pope and is now running from the terrible secrets she learned as his “Time Surrogate”.

Earado is forced to bravery in search for Lolli G as he encounters the COURTS that use RETRO-GENES to prosecute families with “deviant” ancestors, alien smugglers, elite space priests bent on keeping secrets, want-to-be time travelers and assorted goons from the RETRO-GENE trade and the Media Pope.

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