• Title: Drugs, Behavior, and Modern Society with Research Navigator (4th Edition)
  • Author: Charles F. Levinthal
  • Released: 2004-07-09
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 464
  • ISBN: 0205407846
  • ISBN13: 978-0205407842
  • ASIN: 0205407846
From the Back Cover ---STUDENT VERSION---

Drugs, Behavior, and Modern Society discusses the positive and negative effects of drugs in our society, examining how drugs impact everyday life and what new research shows about legal and illegal drugs. This edition is designed to give you a comprehensive look at how these substances affect the mind and the body, and the concerns these drugs pose for society.

New features to the fourth edition:

  • Coverage of performance enhancing drugs for athletes.
  • Models of school-based and community-based prevention programs.
  • Discussion of Ecstasy and the popularity of club drugs.
  • Examination of the culture of alcohol and drugs in college.
  • Images of smoking from movies and other media.


Drugs, Behavior, and Modern Society provides a comprehensive look at how drugs affect both individuals and society. The text takes a behavioral approach to examining this topic by organizing specific drugs by attitudes toward their use rather than by their chemical characteristics. This text also provides perspectives in the Family Systems Model, the Public Health Model, the Harm Reduction Model, and others.

New topics discussed in the fourth edition include:

  • Abuse of prescription pain medication, focusing mainly on OxyContin.
  • Detailed questions to ask when seeking a treatment facility or program.
  • New FDA-approved oral fluid drug testing systems.
  • Examination of the importance of behavior tolerance in drug craving.
  • Subcategories of anxiety disorders.

About the Author

Dr. Charles F. Levinthal is Chair of the Department of Psychology and Professor of Psychology at Hofstra University, where he has taught and conducted research since 1971, having received his Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from the University of Michigan. He is author of fifteen books, including Drugs, Behavior, and Modern Society, 7th ed. (2012), Drugs, Society, and Criminal Justice, 3rd ed. (2012), Point/Counterpoint: Opposing Perspectives on Issues of Drug Policy (2003), Introduction to Physiological Psychology, 3rd ed. (1990), and Messengers of Paradise: Opiates and the Brain (1988). Drugs, Behavior, and Modern Society has been published in Korean (2008), and Messengers of the Paradise: Opiates and the Brain has been published in Spanish (1989) and Japanese (1991). His present research interests include issues in substance abuse and dependence, clinical neuropsychology, and cognitive decision-making. Dr. Levinthal presented the Hofstra University Distinguished Faculty Lecture in 1987 and was voted by the graduating Class of 2003 as Distinguished Teacher of the Year. Dr. Levinthal was elected as a Fellow of the American Psychological Association in 2010.

--This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

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