• Title: Medical-Surgical Nursing Care
  • Author: Priscilla LeMone, Karen M. Burke, Elaine Mohn-Brown
  • Released: 2002-09-30
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 1066
  • ISBN: 013028162X
  • ISBN13: 978-0130281623
  • ASIN: 013028162X
From the Back Cover The end is just the beginning...

One look at Medical-Surgical Nursing Care and one will see the most comprehensive chapter-ending review section on the market. Critical thinking care maps for the student to fill out, key terms by topic, key points, media links, cross-references for further study, test-taking tips, and NCLEX-style practice exam questions combine at the end of each chapter to ensure the most complete chapter review.
A second look will reveal that the chapter-ending review section is only the beginning of the elements and features worked throughout this book to ensure comprehension and success. Each chapter opens with learning outcomes that follow the flow of the chapter, plus a caring tip that connects the student with real-life experience in the nursing field. Throughout each chapter Clinical Alerts, case studies, documentation samples, pharmacology tables and boxes for special population issues or discharge teaching highlight the essential information. Collaborative care and nursing care are provided in sequence, so the student will be able to work well as a member of the health care team. Nursing Process is stressed. Content of the book is streamlined but thorough, allowing the student's focus to remain on the need-to-know information and essential skills.
Course completion with this text will be just the beginning of success.

    Additional features include:
  • A walk-through of the critical thinking process
  • A FREE corresponding CD-ROM
  • A FREE Companion Webiste
  • Referenced answers to all questions plus hints for critical thinking
  • An emphasis throughout on the "what" and "why" of LPN/LVN nursing care

About the Author

Karen M. Burke, RN, MS. Karen M. Burke is the Director of Health Occupations and the Nursing Program at Clatsop Community College in Astoria, Oregon. She obtained her initial nursing education at Emanuel Hospital School of Nursing in Portland, Oregon, later completing baccalaureate studies at Oregon Health & Sciences University, and a muster's degree at University of Portland. Ms. Burke has extensive clinical nursing experience in acute care and community-based settings.

At Clatsop Community College since the inception of the Associate Degree Nursing program, Ms. Burke is known as a leader and an innovator. She led the nursing faculty in developing an online program to deliver nursing education to a distant rural community. Ms. Burke is actively involved in nursing education in Oregon. She is a member of the Oregon Council of Associate Degree Nursing Programs (OCAP) and is currently on the planning committee for the 2002 Oregon Health & Science University Nursing Education Institute. She has served on Board of Nursing task forces to develop guidelines for practical nursing practice related to intravenous fluid maintenance and medication administration, and t

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