• Title: Betting the Earth: How We Can Still Win the Biggest Gamble of all Time (Our National Conversation)
  • Author: John Charles Kunich J.D.
  • Released: 2010-09-01
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 416
  • ISBN: 1935166174
  • ISBN13: 978-1935166177
  • ASIN: 1935166174
From Kunich, who has written previously on contemporary extinction and the lack of an adequate legal response, presents another demanding academic environmental title, one that combines philosophy with, of all things, gambling. Largely free of politics, except for a healthy discussion of the ramifications of “Climategate,” he asks what we are willing to wager on the earth’s survival. This leads to overviews on global warming and consideration of the price already exacted from organisms. Kunich then turns to Pascal, Gödel , and Heisenberg to analyze historic examples of decision making and probability to show, in essence, how we should “bet” on the earth. It’s an interesting conceit, approaching environmentalism not from the standard positions of politics, economics, or passion, but rather through a highly organized thought experiment. Kunich is correct in observing that risk analysis plays heavily into the way we address environmental policy, and his measured and reasoned arguments make clear that if we are going to gamble, we, like anyone in Vegas, should be honest about the stakes and odds. --Colleen Mondor

Book Description Decide for Yourself if Global Warming is Real—and How We Should Respond 

“Professor John Kunich [gives us] a simple, plain-English yet highly sophisticated decision matrix for analyzing [climate change] questions. This book is an easy read and, with so much at stake, it’s a must one too.  Kunich explains why wagering the earth is unavoidable, but why an all-in bet is unthinkable.”  [Read Dr. Rosenberg’s full comment on page 1] 

                        -- David Rosenberg, Lee S. Kreindler Professor of Law, Harvard Law School


“We often have to make major decisions based on probabilities and incomplete data. If you care about environmental decision-making, you should read John Kunich.”

            --Congressman Adam Schiff, United States House of Representatives

 “Betting the Earth explores the uneasy parallels between our contemporary environmental challenges and our national fascination with gambling.  How much should we bet on preserving biodiversity?  Should we bet more on responding to climate change?  Where should we place each bet:  on federal or state laws, on acquiring public or private preserves, on preventing environmental harms or saving places of special environmental significance?  Like it or not, we much make such choices every day, and Betting the Earth helps us to understand how we do so.”

                        --Professor John C. Nagle, Matthews Chair in Law, Univ. of Notre Dame Law School 


“I have traveled the world and played in the highest stakes games, or so I thought. Dr. Kunich has shown me that the biggest gamble is all around me and right beneath my feet!”


                        --Barry Greenstein, high-stakes pro poker player, to many the “Robin Hood of poker”


“Despite my serious doubts about the crusade against global warming, I was extremely impressed by this book. We need objectivity, not the hard sell tactics of so many self-appointed experts. Prof. Kunich helps readers to draw rational, evidence-based conclusions about this vital issue.”


                        --Alan N. Schoonmaker, Ph.D., Author of The Psychology of Poker

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