• Title: Going Wireless: Transform Your Business with Mobile Technology
  • Author: Jaclyn Easton
  • Released: 2002-03-19
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 272
  • ISBN: 0066213363
  • ISBN13: 978-0066213361
  • ASIN: 0066213363
A surprising array of sophisticated electronic applications that have no need for a tethering umbilical cord are already transforming the way we live, work, and play. Going Wireless analyzes many of these personal, professional, and leisure-time operations now in use by organizations ranging from Sears to the Dave Matthews Band to the Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose, and projects ways their descendants could become even more ubiquitous. Jaclyn Easton, a Los Angeles Times columnist who profiled e-commerce pioneers in StrikingItRich.com, looks here at how the Internet revolution is evolving into a wireless reality. "Have you ever waved a Speedpass wand to buy gas at a Mobil station? That's wireless," she writes. "Did you ever rent a car with a global positioning system giving you directions as you drove? Did you know that clothing manufacturers are now sewing wireless technology into garments to track the item through both the supply chain and the retail chain?" In a manner that allows her to address weighty concepts without losing those of us who admit to being challenged by technology, Easton examines ways companies are using wireless technology externally to serve their customers and clients and internally to support their employees and suppliers. She additionally devotes a section to new businesses ("tracking what matters to you most"), markets ("Generation Y-erless"), and challenges (including privacy and security). The result is both provocative and enlightening. --Howard Rothman

From Easton, columnist, author, and radio talk-show host, explores what wireless technology offers and how to apply it to business processes. She sees it as the future of communication, with portable devices used to send and receive information anywhere in the world in real time. Citing more than 30 companies that have successfully implemented the use of wireless technology, including Coca-Cola, Kraft, Avis, and Sears, she explains how, in integrating mobile technology, these companies reduced costs and increased productivity. The first section covers the external use of wireless in servicing customers, and the second section is devoted to internal uses. The third section considers new businesses that will develop from wireless, new markets that it will serve (especially Generation Y, ages 16 to 30, which now reports 40 percent usage), and the challenges of etiquette, security, and privacy. Easton contends, "As interface issues resolve, I guarantee you wireless will become the preferred method of Internet access and hence a world-changing invention." Mary Whaley
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