• Title: The Gourmet Garden
  • Author: Virginia Hayes
  • Released: 2008-09-01
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 144
  • ISBN: 0764140019
  • ASIN: B006G8G8HO
Review "Till 'Gourmet Garden' for the foundations of unique recipes"

—Lisa Messinger, Staten Island Advance, January 14, 2009

"Whatever the reason, if you find yourself inclined to grow some food this spring and summer, you won't be alone. And if you're looking for a bit of advice, Virginia Hayes' The Gourmet Garden takes the gardener from the very beginning of the process--germinating seed, designing a garden--all the way to the table, offering a harvest of recipes ranging from basics like assembling a bouquet garni to glimpses of world cuisine. The horticultural advice the book offers is straightforward, if a bit noncommittal on the details, a consequence, perhaps, of it being destined for a far-flung readership. ... On the other hand, that stretch means there are plants included which are utterly new to me, and perhaps to you, too. Winged bean? African-horned cucumber? Who knew? Will they grow in New Hampshire? That's information I would need to track down elsewhere, but for jump-starting a kitchen garden wish list, and as a source for the basics about growing and cooking a diverse blend of vegetables and fruits, greens and herbs, The Gourmet Garden should prove handy."

—Kelly Sundberg Seaman, Bookpage, March 2009

Featured in the Sunday, May 3, 2009, Newsday article
"A bushel of books for great crops"

"It's a cookbook, a gardening book, an organic how-to and eye candy for anyone who gardens or simply eats. But most important, this book comes from someone who knows her stuff. Hayes is a botanist, ecologist and curator at the Living Collection at Ganna Walska Lotusland in Santa Barbara, Calif. Her instructions for growing, harvesting, storing and cooking the fruits of your labor are right on target. She offers a common-sense approach for dealing with all sorts of pests that can plague vegetable plants, and details on companion planting, crop rotation, irrigation and composting."

—Virginia Hayes

"If your dreams this month feature rich, black soil and delicate seedlings, take a look at The Gourmet Garden, an organic how-to for anyone who values nutritious, naturally grown goods. Author Hayes explains how to cultivate a gourmet garden and discusses crop rotation, extending the growing season, composting, irrigation, and pests. Besides a directory of herbs, edible flowers, and heirloom veggies, every page has full-color photos or illustrations. Don't let April showers slow you down. Enjoy The Gourmet Garden until the real thing starts growing."

—Elaine Ambrose, Taste for Life Magazine, April 2009

"Happily, you don't have to be a top chef to reap the benefits of Hayes's new book. Chockfull of techniques for producing organic crops--including pruning, composting, and irrigation--the richly illustrated tome also provides tips on cultivating herbs, heirloom vegetables, fruits, and more."

—Gina Z. Terlinden, Santa Barbara Magazine, April/May 2009

From the Inside Flap (back cover)
Create a world of flavor in
your own backyard

Grow gourmet ingredients in your own garden, greenhouse, or even in a window box and enjoy food that's fresh, tasty, and nutritious. The Gourmet Garden is an organic gardening book for people who truly care about food. It instructs on growing herbs, fruits, vegetables, and even edible flowers. This book takes you from potting, pruning, and caring for your plants to harvesting, storing, and using these foods in your kitchen.

Create a world of flavor at your very doorstep and discover how to grow more exotic ingredients in greenhouses and conservatories.

Not only will the products of your labor look and taste better than store-bought fruit and vegetables, you'll also know that no unwelcome chemicals have gone into your food.

The author's practical seasonal tips will help you grow fresh, natural ingredients all year round.

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