• Title: Venture Capital Investing: The Complete Handbook for Investing in Private Businesses for Outstanding Profits
  • Author: David Gladstone, Laura Gladstone
  • Released: 2003-08-23
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 528
  • ISBN: 013101885X
  • ISBN13: 978-0131018853
  • ASIN: 013101885X
From the Back Cover
  • Venture capital and buyouts from the investor's perspective
  • Start-to-finish advice on identifying winning business opportunities
  • Evaluating management, finance, products/services, growth opportunities, and exit strategies
  • Essential reading for every VC, leveraged buyout (LBO) funds professional, angel, and private investor

High risk, spectacular return...that's the idea behind VC investing. But smart investors reduce unnecessary risks and maximize return at every step.

You will discover realistic guidance for identifying hidden opportunities...assessing products and markets...evaluating entrepreneurs and managers...negotiating and closing deals...and much more.

Venture Capital Investing also includes insider's tools for expert investing: everything from sample due diligence questions to psychological assessments of entrepreneurs.

Whatever your role in investing in new companies, this book can help you reduce your misfires--and supercharge your profits.

Venture Capital Investing shows VC investors and angels exactly how to weed through scores of business proposals and find the gem that will deliver outstanding returns.

You'll learn how to assess entrepreneurs and their management teams, and systematically evaluate every facet of the opportunity they may or may not present. The authors walk you through assessing financial statements, market niches, and competitive environments; appraising the real value of new product and service innovations; and investigating businesses that are already operating. They also offer expert guidance on improving your odds by building effective partnerships with your portfolio companies.

The authors' best-seller Venture Capital Handbook is the top book for entrepreneurs seeking funding. Now, in Venture Capital Investing, they've created a classic for everyone who invests in small- and medium-sized businesses.

Due diligence, in detail
Expert, start-to-finish guidance on assessing VC investment opportunities

Will it fly? How high?
Just how good is that business concept?

Do they have what it takes?
Clear-eyed assessments of entrepreneurs and managers

Everyone has competition--no matter what they say
Hard-headed competitive evaluations: uncovering today's realities and tomorrow's

Negotiation and close: making a winning deal
Where the rubber meets the road

Finding your next great investment
Hidden sources of great investment opportunities

Adding value, improving your odds
Building winning partnerships with the companies you've invested in

About the Author

DAVID GLADSTONE founded Gladstone Capital and serves as its CEO and Chairman. He previously served as Chairman of American Capital Strategies, the largest public-traded leveraged buyout fund, and was past Chairman of Allied Capital, the largest public-traded mezzanine debt fund. With Laura Gladstone he wrote the classic book on obtaining financing for small- and medium-sized businesses, Venture Capital Handbook: An Entrepreneur's Guide to Raising Venture Capital. David Gladstone holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.

LAURA GLADSTONE is a Principal of Gladstone Capital. Before joining the firm, she worked in equity research at ING Barings and Salomon Smith Barney, and she was a Syndication Lender at HSBC. She has also served as Marketing Director for Allied Capital Corporation.

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