• Title: Money Intelligence For Men Of God & Ministries
  • Released: 0000-00-00
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 32
  • ASIN: B004TZ2MIU
More than 90% of the book and messages from church on wealth tells us that to prosper; we should pay our tithes, vows and just give generally.
While over 80% of secular financial books on wealth tells us to invest and give as well, while the church only tell us to give.
Research shows that 92% of seminaries and bible schools for pastors and ministers do not teach comprehensive knowledge of the bible economics, they only teach on tithes, offering and giving.
Little wonder the richest man in Nigeria is not a Christian. The richest man in Europe is an Hindu, in Asia is a Buddhist and richest man in north America is a free thinker. The richest man in American is Agnosticism. The richest man in Australia is not a Christian. The list continues.
How do you expect them to give their money for the gospel? When the church become to take her place? There are over 4,000 TV stations all over the world and 3,700 are owned by unbelievers.
A poor church can never make a meaningful impact. And a poor pastor can never grow a rich church. And a poor church cannot do a big crusade.
A rich pastor produces a rich church. In fact mathematically, it looks like this
A poor pastor = a poor church
Therefore, it is important that if the church will think of making impact, the pastor has to be a money magnet pastor.
A pastor can never give what he does not have. A church is not free until financially free and it only a financially- free pastor that can grow financially-free church. For a church to be truly financially free the pastor has to be a financial intelligence pastor.
You should be able to magnetize money into your life as a pastor in a godly way to make full proof of your ministry.
Remember if the tithe is small in ministry, things might be tight a bit and if the offering is low the suffering may be high.
There is great limitation to what you can achieve without becoming a financially intelligent pastor.
Therefore start learning how to increase your ministerial value, train and teach your child on financial intelligence.
There are so many of our books and trainings on financial intelligence that can help you to make full proof of your ministry according to Paul the apostle.
Buy the book now and you discover you have not throw money away.

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