• Title: Follow me to do Hunan cuisine- Shredded celery(with picture)
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1, the first step in doing shredded celery, celery we need to wash, and then use a paring knife to remove the skin of the old celery ribs. Because the figure is for demonstration, so I will take up the celery, the proposed cut celery old bars, when placed on the desktop celery, so it would cut effort

2, after the removal of the old bars celery cut into 6 cm segments, such as chopsticks-like thickness then cut into filaments.

3, such as the loin cut celery-like length and thickness of the wire, the salt, chicken powder, seasoning powder for raw marinated. When marinated pork, seasonings and the proportion of pork pound salt pork into a money, a money chicken powder, cornstarch and a little money two meat tenderizer. If an insufficient number of a pound of pork every kind of seasoning, then simply put a little can, with a little seasoning will transfer all of the water, and then into the pork. Clockwise rotation, see water "into the" pork, together with a little water and then rotate, add water, and so forth, until the pork is slightly expansive feel, feel cotton slip on it. Finally, marinated pork to add a little bit of salad oil, adjusting both, marinated pork on the good.

4, celery shredded pork dish, in addition to the main accessories celery and pork, the head of the natural material is indispensable: ginger, garlic and red chilli indispensable. As a material head (Cantonese materials and the use of methods to identify the head), ginger and garlic flavor is to increase the dish, then add red chilli dish is mainly color, played the role of the beautiful dishes. Peppers to choose the kind of paunch, flesh, not spicy. Meanwhile, red chilli can not cut too small. Slightly smaller than the thickness of a little celery silk can be.

5, marinated pork is completed, first swipe oil. To pork about eight mature, remove, oil can. But this step is more critical slip pork, marinated pork requires low oil pot, if the oil temperature is high, the pork adhesion occurs, but this time the fire must be busy, if the fire is not busy, can not make oil temperature rises a short time, then the pork in the pan is bound to cause "desizing" phenomenon, pork will therefore grow old. 7 into the hot oil temperature control around under the pork can be. Remember, we must stir.

Friends like to eat tofu tofu can also be shredded along with fried food, good taste!

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