• Title: WCC's The Aeneid of Virgil (WexYork Compact Classics)
  • Released: 2010-05-17
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 67
The origins of WexYork Compact Classics lie in foundation humanities courses offered by an American university back in days when at least some acquaintance with the great literature of the past was thought important for a rounded education. WexYork Compact Classics are not adaptations or re-workings, just shortened translations with enough explanatory material to make them accessible and enjoyable in themselves and as stepping stones towards their great originals. Revered In the Middle Ages as a prophet, even as a wizard, no poet of the pagan classical past influenced us more profoundly than did Virgil. The WCC Virgil's Aeneid is an epic of imperial destiny. Its first part, modelled closely on Homer’s Odyssey, describes its hero Aeneas’s voyaging from burning Troy to the mouth of the Tiber. Its second half, modelled on Homer’s Iliad deals with the war he then had to wage before founding a new city destined one day to become Rome.

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