• Title: Adventures Among Ants: A Global Safari with a Cast of Trillions
  • Author: Mark W. Moffett
  • Released: 2010-05-05
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 288
  • ISBN: 0520261992
  • ISBN13: 978-0520261990
  • ASIN: 0520261992
From Are ants exciting? You bet they are! Entomologist Moffett, who has been described as the �Indiana Jones of entomology,� takes the reader along as he travels the world in search of ants. Ants are found on every continent except Antarctica and in virtually every climate. They are masters at exploiting an abundant niche�the cracks, crevices, gaps, hollows, and other interstices of the environment. As a small child Moffett was enraptured by ants, and, after reading the exploits of the early explorer-naturalists, he wanted to be a field biologist. Studying ants has led him to India and the marauder ant, which has workers of three sizes, the largest being 500 times the size of the smallest�the smallest, however, are those that start the hunt. In Nigeria, he watches army ants on raids, observing how individual prey species fight back. Weaver ants in Australia, Asia, and Africa use their larvae�s ability to spin silk to bind leaves together to make a nest. In Brunei, the author observed ants diving into pitcher plants to retrieve drowned insects. California reveals the slaver Amazon ants, who steal pupae from other ant species to do all of their work for them. In South America, Moffett digs up colonies of leaf-cutting ants, who grow their fungus food in gardens based on leaves they cut. Illustrated throughout with the author�s exquisite closeup photos, photos that bring the actions of these tiny protagonists to a size we can appreciate, Moffett�s work will make ant appreciators of even the most phobic. --Nancy Bent

Review “Packed with graphic enthusiasm...[and] provocative thoughts. . . . [Moffett] writes with an entertainer’s instinct for hooking a restless audience.”
(New York Times 2010-06-13)

"[Adventures among Ants] is hefty, yet aerodynamic. It’s really good for killing ants."
(The Colbert Report 2010-05-04)

“Take a look at daring eco-adventurer Mark Moffett's spectacular new ant book.” - Margaret Atwood
(Margaret Atwood New York Review Of Books 2010-04-08)

"Superb book by a first-class writer with an unsurpassed feel for ants.”
(Library Journal 2010-06-15)

“Adventures Among Ants may reach a broader audience than other recent publications and therefore stimulate interest in ants among a new generation.”
(Philip Newey Bioscience 2011-06-01)

“Serfdom, war and dying for the tribe: It reads like a page out of a Russian novel. In fact, we're talking about ant life.”
(Los Angeles Times 2010-05-29)

“The book itself is a fine specimen . . . [Moffett’s] expertise with the camera must match his expertise on ant biology.”
(National Wildlife 2010-05-17)

“Moffett's ants are always sleek, polished and doing something spectacular.”
(Nature 2010-05-13)

“Adventure Among Ants offers exotic tales of places you will probably never go, and glimpses of beautiful ants performing marvelous feats.”
(Deborah M. Gordon Nature 2010-05-13)

“Many fascinating anecdotes.”
(Washington Post 2010-06-01)

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