• Title: Vampire Music
  • Released: 0000-00-00
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 146
  • ASIN: B007G2S7OG
Be careful who you fall in love with. When Kristal first lays eyes on Saxon, she is entranced by his strange, but handsome appearance and his quirky personality. Her heart strings are tested by the fact that someone or something is torturing him, evident by the scars on his body. To make matters worse, her home life sucks. Her parents are going through a divorce, and her stress begins to drive her into the dangerous arms of anorexia. When Saxon receives an electric guitar from his Romanian uncle for his sixteenth birthday, she knows she should be happy for him, but for some reason the gift makes her uncomfortable. Perhaps it's a premonition? On Valentine's night, Saxon mysteriously disappears.
Three years later, he comes back changed. He's now a successful musician. He also wants nothing to do with her. Kristial is heartbroken, but even though her body is weakened, her will is not. She vows to find out the mystery behind his odd behavior. Even learning that he is part vampire is no deterrent to her quest to be with him. On the night of what may be his final concert, they face the greatest challenge to their love...and their continued existence. Neither one is prepared for the showdown with the Dark Ones.

Butterflies tickled up into my throat. I felt like I was on the moon where there was no gravity, because my body started to float upwards. I couldn’t tell him that I liked him back. Like was just too weak of a word for what I really felt for him.
I felt his breath on my neck. It was warmer than his skin. He breathed heavily, exhaling a sweet aroma that made me think of a tropical rainforest filled with the most beautiful flowers I’d ever seen. My head felt dizzy. I closed my eyes and leaned back against the wall, worried that I was going to pass out. I forced my head to stay upright. No, not my head—my petals. My velvety purple petals with dark spots and a shimmering streak of silver bisecting each one. I was one of the flowers in this paradisiacal land, my leaves fluttering in the breeze.
A fuzzy bee tickled against me, against the cheek on my flower face. A soft fumbling followed like it was searching for its mark but wasn’t sure where it needed to go. I felt a nibble on my lower lip. It was so sweet, so perfectly tender; I wanted time to stand still in this moment.
Then there was a prick of pain.
A bee sting.
I felt wetness dribble down my chin like a drop of dew. That was not how a kiss was supposed—
I snapped out of my flight of fancy and kicked the closet door open. Every lamp in the living room was blazing, and the light burst in like a camera flash. Jumping to my feet, I paid no heed to the blank faces staring at me from the circle. I ran past them and down the hall into the bathroom.
I locked the door behind me and looked in the mirror.
A red bead of blood hung on my bottom lip.

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