• Title: The Prehistoric Pet - How to Improve your Pet's Health with the Caveman Diet
  • Released: 0000-00-00
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 48
  • ASIN: B009XS10ZO
“Meat. Veggies. Nut & Seeds. Some fruit. NO sugar.”

For almost 2.5 million years, this is what our paleolithic ancestors ate. Keeping their diets simple and organic, there were little to no known instances of heart disease, diabetes or many of the other diseases and ailments which plague so many of us today. Living in a society now where most of our food is processed and where our nutrition comes in the form of a neatly packaged box on a shelf in a supermarket, it is no wonder that there is an obesity epidemic- and it’s not just affecting humans; it’s affecting our pets as well.

Realizing that we are not the only ones who suffer the consequences of poor food choices, the diet explained in this book is aimed at pet owners who are interested in a more natural, raw diet-the diet of our ancestors.

The mistake that many pet owners make is to feed their pets food that is consistent with theirs- filled with processed ingredients, laden with grains and starches and other meal scraps fed from just below the dining room table. Little do we realize that our pets’ bodies are evolved to function much better on a diet based on raw fats and oils!

There is no better food choice you can offer your pet than that which comes from fresh ingredients. Your pets are happier, leaner and healthier because they are being fed the very foods that they crave and have evolved to love.

Join me as I provide you with detailed information about embarking on a natural diet with your pet as well as a step-by-step program with tips on how to reduce your pet’s weight while improving their quality of life.

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