• Title: Online Investing: The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition's Complete Guide to Becoming a Successful Internet Investor
  • Author: Dave Pettit, Rich Jaroslovsky
  • Released: 2000-05-23
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 342
  • ISBN: 0812932501
  • ISBN13: 978-0812932508
  • ASIN: 0812932501
The editors of the online version of The Wall Street Journal have produced a comprehensive overview of the best Web sites and resources available to the online investor. "There's no question that the Net has empowered a new generation of investors, giving them access to information and tools that were once available only to the privileged Wall Street few," say authors Dave Pettit and Rich Jaroslovsky in Online Investing.

Both the neophyte and savvy investor will find this book an informative and useful resource. It tells where to find the best interactive tools, online calculators, and worksheets for selecting stocks and mutual funds and for researching and charting investments. There's plenty of practical information here, such as how to pick an online broker and how to invest online in IPOs, bonds, futures, and options. Newsletters, bulletin boards and chat rooms are covered, and there's a detailed chapter on how to avoid the online scams, frauds, and deceptions that author Pettit specializes in exposing in his online column "Heard on the Net." For those already victimized, a chapter entitled "Recourse" includes contact information for state and federal regulators and details as to how to proceed. Concluding chapters explain how to choose an online banking service, and how to find the best online deals on credit cards, home mortgages, and insurance.

There is much of practical value here for those who use the Internet to research, trade, and track investments and finances. As a guide to the best of these sites on the Web, this book is highly recommended. --Scott Harrison

From the Inside Flap The only book investors need to reap the rewards and avoid the treacheries of the investing cyber jungle.

When it comes to personal investing, the Internet has changed all the rules. The sophisticated tools and access to information once enjoyed only by financial professionals and the most well-heeled of investors are now easily available to anyone with a computer and a modem. But online investing can be a treacherous cyber jungle. Who better than the reporters and editors of The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition, the online version of The Wall Street Journal, the world's most authoritative source of business and financial information, to provide you with the best and most complete coverage of everything you need to know about online investing?

This is a book any investor can use, whether you're just starting a portfolio or have years of experience in the markets. Online Investing provides basic, must-know information on stocks, mutual funds, and bonds. It then shows how to take advantage of the vast power of the Internet to become a savvy and successful investor. The coverage includes:How to trade stocks online (and a rundown on the biggest, most popular online trading firms) How to use the Internet to research and take part in initial public offerings (IPOs)The online resources for choosing the best mutual fundsHow to navigate the complicated world of bonds, futures, and optionsTools of the trade. A guide to the wealth of information and resources available on the Net: from stock quotes and news stories to Wall Street research reports, corporate documents, investment primers, and sophisticated spreadsheetsHow to find a message board for your investing needs and interpret the information you findHow to spot scams and deceptionsRecourse: What to do if you lose money, have a dispute with your broker, or are scammedElectronic banking: How to use the Web to get the best deals on credit cards, mortgages, and insurance

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