• Title: Whose Song?: And Other Stories
  • Author: Thomas Glave
  • Released: 2000-10-01
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 264
  • ISBN: 0872863751
  • ISBN13: 978-0872863750
  • ASIN: 0872863751
Review "...an extraordinary stylist, whose rare insight, boundless courage, and fierce imagination make these stories resound long after you turn the last page." -- The Village Voice

"A fiercely imagined debut — intensely lyric, driven by the desire, in the face of everything, for truth, justice, beauty." -- Carole Maso

"His story snapped my head back. I knew within a few sentences that here was the real thing." -- David Lynn, editor Kenyon Review

"This collection of short stories is heartstopping... It may be as important to this century’s body of literature as Kafka’s Metamorphosis was to the last." -- Harry Belafonte

"What a writer! What a book! [Glave's] stories are intricate tapestries of life rendered through a triumphant act of the imagination." -- Clarence Major

Thomas Glave... has that essential writer's ear for the way different people speak within their cultures... -- Nadine Gordimer

From the Publisher Whose Song? And Other Stories is the literary debut of a talented young writer, Thomas Glave. His writing is marked by an energy, an ambition, and a fearlessness that are all too rare.

Threads of African American and gay experience, as well as Caribbean and Caribbean-American culture and history connect these stories, set in the Bronx and other parts of New York City, Boston, the American South, and the Caribbean. "Commitment" takes place on the day before a wedding in the rural South. Two young black men are forced to end their clandestine relationship as the father of one of them threatens to kill them both. In "Their Story," two elderly men, one from Jamaica and the other from the South, lose their wives and find comfort with each other. "—And Love Them?" is the one-sided dialogue of a white woman, an office worker who tries to communicate her conflicted feelings toward "them," that is, the black people she encounters at her job, on the streets of New York, and in her imagination. And "The Pit" is a haunting, harrowing tale about a young Caribbean boy who visits the site of an enormous killing field and returns to his terrorized village endowed with prop! hetic powers.

Thomas Glave is a deft stylist, and each of the nine stories in this collection reveals yet another of his successful technical experiments.

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