• Title: Third Time: Book II The Wells Retrieval Project Report
  • Author: James Michaud
  • Released: 2013-09-17
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 308
  • ISBN: 1492118427
  • ISBN13: 978-1492118428
  • ASIN: 1492118427
About the Author James Michaud worked for twenty-five years as a prison psychologist (Ph.D., University of Missouri, 1979). Yes, really, 1979. He’s an old geezer. And sensitive about his age. He seems to think that younger readers may wonder how someone who has to have hit the big six oh could possibly have something interesting to offer. Maybe to the other Baby Boomers. But the man can’t program his smart TV. He doesn’t do Facebook or Twitter, he barely knows how to make phone calls on his I Phone. On the other hand, the things that really matter, character and relationships and emotion and humor, he has that stuff down. An avid reader, he goes through a half dozen book a month, now mostly on Kindle, but still an occasional actual book with words printed on paper. And like many of us, he always thought I could do that. I could write! What a great way to make a living! Making up stories, entertaining people. Like the Master, King Stephen, keeping people up late and night so they go to work bleary eyed and dull. What a concept! The trick is writing something well. Something lively and entertaining, with characters and motivations, and emotions you can understand, and plots that make you want to see what the hell is going to happen, enough to keep someone up late. That takes a talent for writing. Does he have it? You be the judge. Be careful. You may be sleeping through the alarm. James likes crime/mystery/thrillers because he knows criminals as well as anyone can, after twenty-five years in prison. Most aren’t sociopaths, but the few are terrifying. It’s a theme addressed in his new novel, Capital Punishment. He also likes science fiction because who can say what’s realistic in another world or time or dimension. It’s a genre ripe for world saving and special powers and time travel. Anything can happen! James has been married to the same patient woman for 39 years. They married young, he says, but it wasn’t that young. Before the Ph.D.. They’ve raised four children, all grown and pursuing their own careers. James and Patsy live in Canon City, Colorado. He enjoys the things that Colorado allows, hiking, fishing, ATV riding, camping, traveling to visit the kids, gardening and carpentry. He has three books available on Kindle and CreateSpace, and hopes to finish a dozen more before settling into the old rocker on the porch.

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