• Title: Memograms: Easy Anagrams of Hard-to-Spell Words
  • Released: 2011-05-31
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 140
  • ASIN: B006KXJ82C
Are you lost without your spelling checker? Don’t know whether “diction•ry” is spelled with an “a”… or maybe an “e”? “Memograms: Easy Anagrams of Hard-to-Spell Words” is a collection of humorous mnemonics (memory-helpers) for 120 words that many people find surprisingly difficult to spell. Most of us can spell most of our words most of the time, if we are just given a little assistance with knowing exactly which letters are available to us. Does the word have an “A” or an “E”? Does it start with an “S” or a “C”? You know that it has one or the other; you’re just not sure which. But what if, somehow, you were positive that it had an “A” and not an “E” or you were certain that it began with an “S” and not a “C”? Then you could always spell it correctly. This is what this little book will help you with. Each word is presented with an accompanying anagram—a total rearrangement of its letters—that is linguistically correct and is sometimes eerily related to the original word (“aspirin” becomes “I sprain”). This is followed by an easy-to-remember sentence—often funny for its nonsense—that uses both the original word and its anagram. Finally, there is a short definition of the original word. All of which is designed to help you conquer some of the most formidable “spelling demons” in the English language. Student or secretary, youngster or adult, this is a great little book to keep with you on your smartphone or tablet as a quick, easy, and fun way to help you with all of your writing, wherever you go.

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